Reading with Horses

Reading to Horses

Horses gives the reader something to read to. Horses are good listeners and like the company. Allowing the reader to have an audience for their reading makes the task much more enjoyable.

Students are allowed to choose their own horse to work with…just as they would choose a book to read.

The human brain generally gets better at whatever it practices. Reflection about a word allows the child to actively practice making decisions, rather than passively memorizing. This active practice likely results in synaptic changes in the child’s brain by strengthening neuronal pathways for long term-retention to be retrieved for reading and writing.

-J Richard Gentry, Phd Raising Readers, Writers, and Spellers


How Can Horses Help Clients Learn to Build Connections?

Horses have evolved over millions of years as herd animals. In fact, their very survival depends on connection. They are honest in the way they react to situations and are extremely sensitive to the actions of humans.  Horses have an incredible ability to pick up on our non-verbal behavior.  A horse will only bond with someone when they feel the person is being “authentic”.

Wishing Stone Farm Services

Reading to horses – cost $20 per half hour.

  • First session is free.
  • Liability waiver required to be signed by all participants.