Horse Training

For horses who are not trained to ride/drive, need a refresher on handling/riding/driving or need hours spent in the saddle, we offer our horse training program. Horses will learn the fundamentals of being ridden. Horses will be worked in the ring and out on trail to improve the horse’s confidence, fitness and balance. Horses will gain understanding in lounging, long lining, being tacked up and ground manners.  We take horses ages 3 and up. Horses in this program will be worked with 5 times a week, board is included with the total cost. With this program horses will get our basic nutrition program and other feeds can be supplied by the owner to be given to the horse. When we feel the horse is safe for the owner to ride, we are happy to have you come ride the horse in some lessons which is included in the total cost. We have trained lots of breeds of horses Arabians, Quarter horses, Standardbreds, Appaloosas, pony crosses and many more.


$1000 per month per horse, board is included in this price